Expedited Insurance Claims

After your roof is damaged from an unexpected accident, filing an insurance claim is often far more complex and tedious than it should be. Of course, not all insurance companies are like this. Some are actually quite helpful and quick with their services. But, from our experience, they seem to give you the runaround every step of the way. At Brookfield Roofing Contractors, we don’t just handle roofing, we tackle insurance claims as well. We handle the bulk of your insurance claim, ensuring you get every penny of what your insurance company owes you. You don’t pay those premiums for nothing!

Brookfield Roofing Contractors work directly with your insurance company. If you haven’t already, we’ll come by and take pictures of the damage and do all of the documentation. Our team of experts will handle entirety of the claim and expedite the process. We’ll get you the money you need to pay for your roof replacement or repair.

If you’re looking to file a claim, or if you’re already caught in the middle of a messy insurance claim, give us a call today at 262.333.0111! We provide great insurance-claim solutions, a sympathetic ear, and free advice!